Welcome to St. George Troop #51

The Troop is a father/son(s) Catholic Apostolate, open to boys from 1st to 12th grade.

Since you are considering joining, I must make the assumption that you are already familiar with the philosophy and goals of the Troops of Saint George as envisioned by the founder, Dr. Taylor Marshall.  Therefore, I will spare you the speech.  If you are unclear about those, feel free to call me.

I will try to get through some housekeeping items briefly, jump into what our schedule typically looks like, and answer a few questions you might have.  I will also give you links to some of our resources.

In attempting to make this intro fit all, I also need to apologize if I cover things you already know.

And, there is a bitter matter of operational costs…  The dues run from August to August and are as follows:

  • HQ annual dues of $40/person (check to be written to “Epiphany” – but the memo is to be for TSG) . Cap at 3 members
  • Troop 51 annual dues of $20/Cadet + $20/dad (check to be written to “Epiphany” but the memo for TSG) – $20/person after April 1st. Cap at 3 members

Fees can also be paid through Venmo to our treasurer, Reed Langton: https://account.venmo.com/u/Reed-Langton-1

The general TSG structure starts with its members.  Ideas, suggestion, and concerns are brought up by members to their individual Troop Captains.  Captains of fully accredited troops will then forward them to the TSG national team.  Approval and funding comes from the Board of Directors, as do instructions and guidance.

It is important that you understand that the Troop hard launch was Jan 2020 – so, it is a work in progress.  Things are coming into place amazingly fast, considering the complexity, and everyone’s busy schedules.  This said, a lot of work needs to take place still, and patience and flexibility are a must.  Also, this is a father-ran operation.  We need all the help we can get!  Please volunteer in any function you may be able to.

Troops have organizational latitude as long as TSG principles are adhered to.  As cadets grow within the troops, we expect to see Cadets “stand out” as potential Patrol Sergeants.  When that time comes, promotions will be offered, and internal Patrol structures defined.

The TSG Officer’s Manual is available on the website under “Resources”.  It contains all our policies and procedures and should answer any question you might have.

Uniforms are available on the national website at https://troopsofsaintgeorge.org/shop/.  You may attend camp and events before obtaining uniforms.  We understand that you might want to attend a couple of events before making the decision to join, and also that uniform represents a financial investment.  Until then, anything close to OD (“ olive drab”, the military version of khaki) is acceptable.  We require long pants and a clean shirt for Mass.  Boots are highly recommended (snake safety, poisonous plants, ankle support, walking considerations).