Welcome to the Troops of St. George #51

The Troops of Saint George (TSG) is a fraternal Catholic nonprofit apostolate for priests, men, and young men looking for a life of adventure coupled with virtue. Initially founded in 2013 by Catholic author and professor Dr. Taylor Marshall, we have become a collection of troops that do.

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Rankings & Requirements

St. Matthew's Angels

St. Matthew's Angels | 6-7 years old

St. Mark's Lions

St. Mark's Lions | 7-8 years old

St. Luke's Bulls

St Luke's Oxen | 8-9 Years Old

St. John's Eagles

St. John's Eagles 9-10 Years Old

St. George's Dragon Slayers

St. George's Dragon Slayers | 10-11 Years Old

Senior Cadets

Senior Cadets | 11 years +